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How to Lock Fillable PDF Fields

Note: These instructions are for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

  • Open your PDF
  • Add your fillable fields (logo, contact information and disclosure)
  • Save the document and keep it open
  • On the right-hand menu, click the purple shield icon "Protect"; if you do not see this icon, select "More Tools", find "Protect" and click "Add".
  • A menu will pop up at the top; select "Advanced Options" > 2 Encrypt with Password
  • Under "Permissions", select the first box for Restrict editing and printing of the document
  • Check that "Printing Allowed" is set to High Resolution and "Changes Allowed" is set to None
  • Next, insert a password in the field "Change Permissions Password" - pick something you will remember!
  • Select "OK", then confirm the password by entering it again and select "OK"
  • File > Save
  • Exit and open the document again; the document should now have locked fillable fields and prevents any editing.