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How to Add Content to EasySite

Login to your EasySite account.

Select the correct site, then click, "Edit/Preview" site.

On that page, select from the top menu "Docs, Images, & Media".

From here you are going to upload 3 types of files.

  • IMAGES: Under the images tab, select "+Add New Image > Multiple Images".
    • Drag your images files to the box (i.e. this would be the headlines images provided or your own stock imagery"). Make sure image files are titled appropriately. Then SAVE.
  • VIDEO: Under the video tab, select "+Add New Video"
    • Title the video and select "Upload file". Choose the correct file then upload. Make sure the video file is titled appropriately. Then SAVE.
  • PDFs: Under the documents tab, select "Add New Document".
    • Title your PDFs, choose the file, upload then SAVE. Upload all PDFs you want to add to your blog.

Now that all of your files are prepped and uploaded, select "Blog" from the top menu.

Select "+Add New Post"

Add your Title, Author, and date/time.

Intro text: for the blog articles, use the subtitles as intro text. For the videos and PDFs, use the social media copy in the digital communications document.

For the featured image, select add image, and you will see all the images you uploaded; select one.

For the Body, choose from the following:


  • Copy and paste the blog articles body copy. Don't forget to update your contact information and disclosures at the end; do not remove the 401(k) Marketing copyright.


  • Use the website copy in the digital communications as the body copy. Then, for the CTA, choose "button" from the body menu. Edit the text to the CTA copy in the digital communications. Then scroll down to "Add link"; select "internal" and then "link to" = Document. Select your document from the list of files.


  • Use the website copy in the digital communications as the body copy. Then select the "Add Video" Icon; select your video from the files.


From there, post your content. Regardless if you schedule your content to be in the future, it will post it all once it is approved by Commonwealth Compliance. Have questions? Please email [email protected]