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Video Tips

How to Create Original Video Content

Filming your first pieces of original video content can be a little bit intimidating. We can help you get started by showing you step by step how to set up, film, edit and post your first video!


Step 1: Your iPhone works great.

If you have an iPhone, we recommend using it! The camera on your iPhone is just as high quality as a digital camera. 

Step 2: Use a tripod and a mic for a high quality video.

We recommend using a tripod (like this one) and a microphone if you don't have access to a quiet filming area (like this one).

Step 3: Camera set up.

Use the camera on the back of your phone for a clearer picture and make sure to film horizontally; It will look better on LinkedIn!

Step 4: Lighting, lighting, lighting!

The key to getting good lighting in your video is making sure your light is not behind you. The best time of day to film is the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky. Additionally, filming in south/west or west facing light is the best. Lastly, if you feel like your video lighting is blown out, you can adjust your exposure on your iPhone by following these steps.

Step 5: Press record!

Record your video a few times and select the best one. We don't recommend reading your script on camera, so if you would rather piece your video together, make sure you take pauses in between sections. 

Step 6: Edit

If you need to edit your video, use Capcut. It's free in the App Store and makes it really easy to edit your videos together.

Step 7: Compliance and Post!

Submit your materials to compliance. Once approved, post your video on LinkedIn! Make sure to include some captivating copy and ask colleagues and friends to like and share your video.