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How to Send Emails through FMG Suite

***Important note: you must select "Send an Email" each time you want to add another blog post; you cannot keep editing from the same editor or it will overwrite existing content.

  • Navigate to the left-hand menu to the "Email" menu option

  • Click the dropdown and select "Send and Email"

  • Open the Digital Communications Word document of the content piece that you are sharing on FMG provided by Retirement Plan Marketing

  • Find the copy labeled "Email Template"

  • Add the subject line

  • Under the header, add the headline image or "email banner" if provided.

  • Then, copy and paste your email body content

  • Add a section and select "button"

  • Select the button and add the call to action copy to the button label

  • Depending on the content, you can add a URL, a file, or navigate to a page on your website

  • Select and save

  • Preview your email to make sure everything looks great

  • Then schedule email or send right away